Meeting Minutes – November 2017

Meeting Minutes – November 2017

Our Mission: The Johnsburg Jr Skyhawks Cheerleaders organization works to provide a positive atmosphere and interaction between JJSC athletes, Directors, Junior Coaches and parents. This mission will ensure that all JJSC athletes benefit from participating in a unified cheer program while gaining skills to increase strength, excel through teamwork and build self-confidence. The JJSC program strives to achieve these goals while also encouraging athletes to have fun and meet new friends.

Board Meeting: Saturday, November 18th at 5pm
Attendees: Christine Giovingo/Director, Gretta Buff/Assistant Director, Tracy Morey/Marketing, Sabrina Cavanaugh/Secretary (Absent)
Location: Conference Call
Call to order: 5:03pm


END OF SEASON PARTY – Saturday, December 9 from 4-7pm
• Board arrives by 3pm for set up
• Tracy will pick up cake by 2pm
• Decorations: poms, balloons, cheer balloons (Gretta)
• Drink tickets – 2 per adult
• Arcade cards – 1 per child
• Menu determined
• Total guests 132

• Gretta will reach out to all LARGE local businesses
• The Board will dedicate their time to ensure the 2018 sponsors are handled


• New website – Board approved
• Warm-up – change (possible sweatpants with decal on side, cheaper option), zip-up coat options-discuss)
• Cheer bags with checklist for parents and athletes
• New communication app needed for 2018
• Coaching – applications
• Reviewing ALL Forms for and make necessary changes for 2018
• JJSC Handbook
• Fees – determine
• Fundraiser ideas
• Cheer Points 2018
• Marketing ideas – Tracy to spearhead

Next Board meeting, Saturday, December 16th at 5:00pm
Motion to Adjourn by Tracy, seconded by Gretta
Meeting adjourned 6pm

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